Top 10 Reasons to Love TiVo® from RCN

TV technology gets better every day. But there is more to a great TV experience than a clearer picture. If you have RCN cable, than the TiVo Whole Home Bundle from RCN is the state-of-the-art way to elevate your whole experience…


Intelligent Search

Find what you are looking for, even if you don’t know yourself.

The TiVo Premiere finds any show or movie at the push of a button—no matter where it might be hiding.

Can’t remember the name of that flick, or the actor that stared in…or even that film that owned the OSCARs – with Intelligent Search from TiVo the thinking is done for you. Search all your cable shows, RCN On Demand library, plus all your favorites from the web, like YouTube — TiVo integrated search allows you find exactly what you are looking for across TV and the web simultaneously!


With Wishlist

All your entertainment wishes are granted.

The TiVo Premiere learns your entertainment tastes and wishes – then builds suggestions just for you!

Whatever you want – actor, director, even a specific subject, TiVo goes out finds your wishes for you. Love George Clooney? Or Scarlett Johansson? Or the Shark Week?

The TiVo box searches cable programming 24/7 for the actors, directors and topics that interest you most and records them for you automatically.


Love your Library

With plenty of room to store all your content.

No more erasing shows! The TiVo Premiere has double the recording space of a regular DVR – plus, you can undelete previously erased shows. Plenty of room for everyone’s favorite programming.


Enjoy Fun in Every Room

With the ultimate multi-room viewing experience.

Everyone can watch what they want, where they want, when they want – TV shows, Internet videos, music and photos on every TV in your home. It’s awesome in every room!


Nurture your Inner Fan

Nurture your Inner Fan

Whatever you are into, find & build your collection.

Only the TiVo experience gathers the best shows of all time into collections like Oscar, Emmy, Sundance winners and many more. Plus, RCN offers additional content categories for browsing and discovery.

If you are a fan of real quality, you don’t have to search all over to find award-winning stuff. Your TiVo Premiere and RCN have already found it for you.


Feed the Frenzy

Feed the Frenzy

Of a fast paced life, with content on the go.

The TiVo experience lets you watch your recorded cable shows on the go. Load recorded shows onto your mobile devices and watch them later. It’s easy to transfer recorded TV shows and movies to your laptop, smartphone or other mobile device.


Never Miss a Beat

Never Miss a Beat

Record what you want, when you want.

Schedule a recording from practically anywhere with the TiVo app. If you forget to record something, your TiVo Premiere is only as far away as your tablet or smartphone.

Scheduling a show or browsing what’s on tonight can be done where ever is convenient for you.


Discover Greatness!

TiVo Premiere keeps track of what you like & gives you personalized suggestions.

Labeling something a “favorite” is as simple as hitting the Thumbs Up button with the TiVo remote. By tracking your Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down preferences, TiVo is able to learn your likes and dislikes over time, and provide you with increasingly on-the-mark programming suggestions.


Beyond Watching

Beyond Watching

You can enjoy gaming, streaming music, podcasts and more.

TiVo Premiere turns your TV into one of the world’s largest video stores, with thousands of movies and TV shows now available on demand—including many in breathtaking HD.

TiVo Premiere’s Search feature is fast and intuitive, sorting through hundreds of channels and thousands of broadband options. Results are sorted and displayed by most popular matches first, so you’re likely to find a match in seconds.


Easy set-up and Use

Easy Set-up and Use

With professional installation and warm, helpful 24/7 support from RCN.

At RCN we want to give you the very best digital TV experience possible. Beyond providing the best technology, we’ve made a pledge to our customers to put them first in everything we do. We are dedicated to going the extra mile with warmth, compassion, and a smile. It’s how we ensure our customers’ experience is great, every time.