RCN TV Staff

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NAME TITLE Extension
Tyler Brackbill Production Assistant 610-443-2909
Rick Geho Studio Manager 610-443-2909
Mike Kingsley Production Assistant 610-443-2511
Gary Laubach Sports Director/Announcer 610-443-2916
Paul Lewis Senior Editor 610-443-2764
Paul May Production Assistant 610-443-2909
Chris Michael Producer/Host/Announcer 610-443-2841
Cathy Neelon Advertising Associate 610-443-2910
Christopher Popik Production Supervisor 610-443-2765
Glen Remaly Chief Engineer 610-443-2914
Alyssa Sheckler Production Assistant/ENG Specialist 610-972-0673
Walt Tindall Master Control 610-443-2907
Chris Zaia Production Assistant 610-443-2846