Entertainment & Lifestyle Programs


  • BamaQ – Members of the Alabama Barbecue Association compete against the best of the best BBQ – and what it’s really like on the BBQ circuit in the Southeast.
  • Cook Like a Champion – Offers a new age of culinary teaching.  Ace specializes in learning and motivation during the preparation of entrees that you can actually visualize along the way.  This show is for anyone who can cook, as well as people who want to learn how to cook.
  • Eat Well Be Happy – Bring back the pleasures of the table with fresh, seasonal, colorful ingredients.
  • Jill’s Inspiration Kitchen – Host Jill Ferris cooks with amazing women and finds out what inspires them – not only in life, but in the kitchen as well.
  • Garden Thyme – Twin sisters dispense gardening tips with homespun humor and Downeast wit.
  • Kids a Cookin’ – Host (and Mom) Karen Arnold leads school-aged children in preparing step-by-step nutritious, delicious, but most of all, fun recipes. Pint-sized chefs will help prepare a recipe that can easily be made in your own home.
  • The Chef’s Kitchen  For the viewer who is passionate about food and wine, The Chef’s Kitchen provides tips and techniques from the country’s most exclusive restaurants.  The show is dynamic in its production and entertaining in its content. Featuring award-winning chefs, notable bakers and the world’s most learned sommeliers.
  • Mad Dog and Merrill Midwest Grill’n – Become a better griller and have a ton of fun doing it!  Let internationally recognized and self-proclaimed “Grillologists, Mad Dog & Merrill®, entertain and educate you, along with thousands of other backyard enthusiasts, with the finer points of grilling.

Educational & How-To

  • BASD District Insider – Take a look at what’s happening at the Bethlehem Area School District with this show hosted and produced by the students and staff of BASD.
  • DC Showcase – Enjoy entertainment, sports, and happenings from our nation’s capital in this show produced by the DC Office of Cable Television, Film, Music, and Entertainment (OCTFME).
  • Pet Pals TV – This nationally-syndicated television program celebrates the bond between pets and people and recognizes the relationship between animals and humans.
  • The Jet Set The Jet Set is a fresh new talk show designed to reinvent travel television and keep pace with the professional, leisure and aspiring traveler by experiencing the sights, sounds, and scenery of destinations around the world and here at home.
  • The Piano Guy – Tune in to find out how to play piano in all non-classical styles, get tips and tricks from professional piano players, and get lessons directly from Emmy-award winning piano teacher and TV host, Scott Houston.
  • Today’s Homeowner – Danny Lipford hosts this nationally-syndicated weekly half-hour TV home improvement series covering popular remodeling projects and the latest home trends, products and topics.

Entertainment & Lifestyle

  • Bloom (New) – Covering topics of health and medicine, including nutrition fitness, beauty, wellness, kid’s health, sports medicine, holistic healing, mental health, relationships, and pet health.
  • Branson Country USA – Two whacky individuals host talented acts from the Branson Entertainment Industry, which includes big-named celebrities and attention-grabbing personalities with promising futures in the entertainment industry.
  • Damian’s Dreadfuls (Currently on hiatus) – Tune in to RCN TV Saturday nights at 9:30PM to watch Damian’s Dreadfuls, a devilishly delightful show which will leave you on the edge of your seat.
  • Daytime (New) – Taking a broad look at cooking secrets, fix-it tips, hot travel spots and fashion trends
  • Doctor & the Diva (New) – Honest talk about the issues, celebrity interviews, vital health news, food, fashion, fitness and plenty of fun
  • Merenguemania  – A fast-paced hour of music and fun presented in Spanish.
  • Mind Matters with Dr. Michele (New) – Addressing mental health and eliminating the stigma surrounding mental health conditions
  • Nature Adventures with Terri and Todd – Hitting the trail with Terri and Todd as they share their love of nature and explore the scenery, history, activities and wildlife of unique destinations.
  • Opening Arguments (New) – Real lawyers from a variety of practices compete to get “laughed out of court” before a 3-member jury of comedians.
  • Ron Hazelton’s HouseCalls – Host Ron and a team of experts provide DIY enthusiasts with a new take on home improvement.
  • Talk! with Audrey (New) – Conversations with experts in travel, tech, health, finance, business, fitness, education and other lifestyle themes
  • Small Town Big Deal – Jann Carl and co-host/show creator Rodney Miller travel the country to find stories of people, places and events at the heart of small town America.

Sports and Outdoors

  • Disc Golf Monthly – This show features the flying disc game in which individual players throw a flying disc at a target.  The object of the game is to traverse a course from beginning to end in the fewest number of throws of the disc.  This game is played in about 40 countries around the world.
  • From Glory Days – Former legendary professional athletes share personal stories about their transition from their careers into the life they live today.

Political & Public Affairs

  • Pennsylvania CrossfireOur panelists discuss local, regional and national political issues, and how they affect Pennsylvanians.

*New as of 9/30/2021