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Gary Laubach

Pro Football – C’mon!

I know many of you remember my shtick on WZZO with Bearman and Keith. I know you do because people still yell, “Gaaaaryyy Laubach!!”, when I see them around the Valley.  Some woman even yelled it when I was getting on an elevator on a cruise ship somewhere in the Atlantic.  I would chit-chat with Bearman and Keith on Monday mornings and make my NFL picks on Friday mornings.  My picks were often spot on and it was always a fun time. Someone at RCN thought it would be a good idea to continue offering up my thoughts on a weekly blog and make NFL picks each week – thus, “Gary’s … [Continue Reading ...]

Chris Michael

Learning To Fail

I always enjoy being asked to speak to local community groups—especially to our younger audience. For one, it helps me keep in touch with the “lingo” that young people use. For example, I found out a few years back that with kids, “mad”  is used for an adjective that intensifies a strong feeling… “he has mad skills” means he is a very skilled person or athlete.) I also learn what’s important to young people, what their biggest interests are …and, in some cases, stumble across a different way of looking at things. One particular thing surprised me recently about a … [Continue Reading ...]

Chris Michael

Football Polls: “Half-time 2017”

This week marks the midway point of the "SportsTalk" high school football poll.   For most weeks this fall, there’s been consistency as to which teams will make our polls and in which spots each will land in our high school football poll in the Lehigh Valley RCN-TV footprint. While always feeling we are very fortunate to have some exceptionally good pigskin prognosticators, there usually is some movement between our pre-season poll and the mid-way point in the scholastic football season. This year? Not much movement at all. A quick reminder about how our polls are constructed. … [Continue Reading ...]