Your Office - Anywhere

Gone are the days of work being done at work alone—especially for small business owners. Your work follows you far beyond the walls of your office. And with RCN Business Office Mobility, so does your office phone.

Whether working from home or on the road, on WiFi or wired Ethernet, RCN Business Office Mobility gives you a secure, remote connection to your office phone and all of its features. By extending the capabilities of your business phone system through your mobile device or computer, you can stay connected to customers, vendors and employees—more seamlessly than ever before.

Take your business calls with you

Access you want

Don’t leave your business contacts behind. Access contact information stored on your office phone from your mobile device or computer.

Flexibility you need

No more sweating over a missed call. View your office phone’s call history, retrieve voicemail and manage greetings from anywhere.

Service customers expect

Your customers never need to know you’re away. Place and receive calls using your RCN Business number, as if you’re in the office.

Push. Pull. Proceed.

No matter the situation, RCN Business Office Mobility will make your life easier.
  • Need to push calls made to your office phone, so they ring on your cell phone?
  • Need to pull an in-progress call from one phone to another, without getting disconnected?

Leave the technical features to us, so you can stay focused on what matters most—running your business, boosting productivity, closing sales and improving customer satisfaction.

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