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Choosing the Right Speed
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The Internet has become your customer communication portal, your go-to for sales and marketing, and more. It’s the channel through which you do business—from cloud storage, to file exchange, to credit card processing.

RCN Business understands you need the right Internet speed at the right price, so we’ve created a variety of packages to address your needs.

Providing your business with the right speed at the right price

RCN Business provides affordable Internet packages.

Up to 25 MBPS

  • 1-2 users or devices
  • Home-based businesses
  • Average volume transaction processing
  • Large email files
  • Web browsing

Up to 50 MBPS

  • 3-6 users or devices
  • High volume transaction processing
  • Large email attachments
  • Moderate web browsing and file sharing
  • Point of sale (PoS) terminals

Up to 155 MBPS

  • 8-12 users or devices
  • Regular online backups and file sharing
  • Video conferences
  • eCommerce and hosted servers
  • Heavy Internet usage

Up to 330 MBPS*

  • 10-14 users or devices
  • Heavy web browsing
  • Consistent video streaming and conferencing
  • eCommerce
  • Frequent access to Cloud-based applications

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Faster Internet allows for quicker downloads, crystal-clear video conferencing, and buffer-free video streaming. But just how much speed do you need? Assessing the number of employees online and the amount of content transferred to and from the Web is a great place to start. If your company has grown, it’s best to reassess Internet speed on a regular basis to ensure you’re matching current demand.

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Static IP

Your business may need a static IP address, a unique IP address that remains constant. This is useful if you are hosting a website or email server. A static IP address ensures that your business can always be located on the Web and customers, suppliers and employees are able to access your business’s network.

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