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PRO:Idiom® encryption provides a secure, scalable video and TV solution with no in-room equipment

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PRO:Idiom Solutions for
High-Demand Video Needs

Pro:Idiom technology is the end-to-end TV and video Digital Rights Management (DRM) system designed specifically for facilities-based entertainment needs, including programming for the hospitality, healthcare, and education industries.

Until now, no other platform permitted distribution of early release High-Definition content without use of a converter box. The Pro:Idiom® platform offers all the great programming of RCN Business without the cost, liability, or space needed for digital converter boxes.

RCN Business Pro:Idiom technology features include:

  • Secure delivery of box-less digital content and programming
  • Tamper-proof security devices embedded in the TV
  • AES 128 bit encryption, approved for financial transactions and protecting government data

Organizations in need of a programming solution, without the hassle of maintaining customer-facing equipment

Why choose RCN Technology Solutions service?

Defense against hacks and signal piracy

Meets industry brand standards for encrypted content delivery. Satisfies programmer and provider needs for content protection.

Multiple device and on-demand choices

Tested and deployed with a variety of video-on-demand partners and televisions. Deployable over existing unidirectional TV cable wiring.

A Video solution that changes with you

Quickly add or remove TVs as you expand or remodel your facility. Easily integrate with industry leading Video-On-Demand (VOD) partners and add analog simulcast for non-Digital TVs such as gym equipment and other video display screens.

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