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RCN Business helps deliver the best in-room experience through handpicked, strategic alliances

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Deliver a high-end, personalized guest experience

With RCN Business network expertise and unsurpassed service, we work to help you ensure an optimal guest experience—every time.

To maximize our service and commitment to you and your business, we work closely with regional and national partners to provide end-to-end industry solutions.

When delivering an exceptional guest experience counts most.

Why choose RCN Hospitality Video Partners service?

RCN Business + Enseo

With Enseo, hotels can provide guests with an exceptional level of service that includes guest interactivity, hotel branding, and features such as guest subscription services, on-demand weather, Bluetooth® connectivity, and more.

The Enseo Entertainment Experience, E3®, provides the following hotel-branded features:

  • Guest welcome page
  • Interactive program guide
  • Mini-guide channel banner
  • On-Screen Hotel Services
RCN Business + Tangerine Global

Tangerine Global's CITRUS® solution is a state-of-the-art proprietary entertainment system that delivers the latest technology and content for a personalized guest experience. CITRUS delivers High-Definition Free-To-Guest Channels, Video-On-Demand programming, and Interactive Apps.

Superior guest experience, ease of use and a customizable, dynamic interface allow the hotel to deliver marketing and brand messages and increase revenue through new advertising opportunities

Tangerine Global's CITRUS® solution

CITRUS features and apps include:

  • Interactive Programming Guide (IPG)
  • Video-On-Demand (VOD)
  • Flight Status App
  • Instant Channel Change and Channel Info Bar
  • Whole-Room DVRTM
  • Custom Hotel Pages

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