Elevating the connected patient experience

Safe, secure, and reliable networks help keep hospitals running smoothly

Holistic Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

High-Speed Connectivity

Improve access to electronic medical records and enable high volumes of patient data to be accessible 24/7—even by parties located at different offices, hospitals, labs and clinics. Use point-to-point or multipoint Ethernet connections to link these health service provider locations.

Network Security

Ethernet-based network solutions enable patient data to be shared across facilities without traversing the public Internet, minimizing data vulnerabilities.

Data Reliability

Employ Ethernet Private Line configurations with resilient ring topology—in conjunction with Ethernet’s strong end-to-end monitoring functionality—to deliver highly reliable data transmission and network uptimes. Scalable bandwidth allows for quick expansion of data when needed, while service level agreements (SLAs) ensure critical uptime.

HDTV Programming

Help comfort patients, visitors and family members with diverse TV entertainment options. Whether sitting in a waiting room or recovering in a hospital room, HDTV content and video-on-demand packages will help you offer the best experience possible.

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