Work Community Independence

About Work Community Independence (WCI)

WCI is a non-profit agency that helps individuals with a wide range of intellectual disabilities achieve a rich, meaningful life through an array of services. Headquartered in Waltham, Ma, WCI manages residential housing services for 135 people throughout 55 locations in four cities.

“RCN is an invaluable partner to our planning and development team, and it opens the door for even bigger business possibilities.”

- Nicholas Salem
Director of IT for WCI
The Challenge
  • WCI manages 55 locations throughout Massachusetts that were billed as separate entities making monthly management of the accounts confusing and time consuming.
  • With 135 people scattered throughout four cities, WCI faced additional charges due to excess purchases from residents.
  • Each WCI location requires individualized communication components for their Internet, phone, and TV service to accommodate specialized needs.
  • WCI relied on cable broadband in a highly saturated area causing fluctuations in broadband performance.
  • The large number of multiple locations mixed with the complexity of services led to numerous troublesome issues whenever services needed to be changed.
  • The sensitive nature of the residents’ disabilities required a compassionate approach to installations so as not to disrupt their quality of life.
  • To devise a solution, RCN looked at the issues of accessibility, availability, and affordability to offer services that promote safe, independent living that WCI could easily manage.
  • The RCN account rep performed a comprehensive audit of services and spending uncovering several areas to implement improvements.
  • Installed fiber-based Ethernet solution at WCI’s headquarters.
  • Consolidated the 55 separate locations into a single company with multiple locations to streamline billing, support ticket management and service.
  • Assigned dedicated account manager to handle all WCI properties.
  • Uniformly applied TV, Internet, and phone services to all residential units.
  • Set up residents with appropriate packaging to eliminate excess purchases.
  • Delivered voice services including PRI phone trunks.
  • Upon implementation of Fiber-based Ethernet network, WCI quickly realized a significant improvement in network performance, a 90% reduction in IT trouble tickets, and an immediate cost savings
  • Unlike larger competitors, The RCN Business engineering and sales staff took the time to understand and address WCI’s unique needs and delivered a custom answer to provide a flexible, and robust solution.
  • WCI residents received appropriate account features to address their specific needs and eliminate invalid billing charges.
  • The organization was able to increase their account security and decreased the amount of time that it took to handle technical or billing concerns by having all their properties on a centrally managed account with a dedicated account manager.