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February 7th, 2014

RCN TiVo Winter Update

RCN launches a new and improved TiVo user interface.

RCN has completed the roll-out of a new user interface for TiVo customers. The new update overhauls the guide functions as well as introduces new apps, better search features and much more.

Your Experience is Now Truly “Dynamic”

Before this update, your TiVo Mini occupied up to 2 tuners from your main TiVo to allow streaming of live TV. This update makes this “dynamic” by only reserving tuners on your main TiVo, only when your TiVo Mini needs them. So now each Mini will only take up 1 tuner for Live TV when in use. When each Mini is not in use, you will still have 4 tuners to use on your main TiVo. Without this enhancement, you would sacrifice tuners all of the time on your main TiVo.

Young man and woman watching TV, which is hung on a wall

What to Watch Now

At a glance, you’ll see what’s on now that you might like to watch. Quickly review which popular shows, personal favorites and sporting events are now playing – so you’ll never have to surf channels again.

Enhanced Guide Filters

Now you can filter by genre and show type (TV Show, Movie, Sports and more) to get a quick view of programs that are available based on your specific interests. This fast access to shows is super convenient and provides a better way to discover new programs.

New and Improved Apps

With TiVo you can access tons of web videos, streaming music, podcasts and more – now with an improved look and better functionality!

Pandora Logo Pandora –
Create your own customized radio stations, discover new artists or find new songs just like the ones you already love.
  Logo for Moviefone app MovieFone –
Watch trailers of best movies in theaters, coming soon or on DVD. Look at reviews and ratings. Find show times in theaters.
  Tech-Crunch Logo TechCrunch –
Browse the latest TechCrunch headlines and stories about startups and Silicon Valley, gadgets and go-getters. TechCrunch app brings you all the news, stories and social updates currently keeping the tech world chatting. 


We’re not done enhancing your TiVo experience.
Coming soon – TiVo Opera TV Store…check back soon.