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September 12th, 2013

Netflix Ranks RCN #1 in Boston for the Fastest Netflix Access

Did you know RCN has a direct local connection with Netflix? As a Netflix Open Connect partner, RCN offers Internet customers something few other providers can—the fastest Netflix connections and the best Netflix viewing experience, Super HD!

As an added benefit of having RCN Internet service, Netflix subscribers can access a wide variety of Netflix Super HD and Netflix 3D content—ultra-sharp images over RCN’s lightning-fast cable Internet connection.

Boston's skyline

Netflix members who are RCN customers enjoy better picture quality, quicker access to their favorite TV shows and movies, and more reliable playback delivered via RCN from Netflix, even during peak viewing hours. As Netflix’s Chief Streaming and Partnerships Officer reported:

“No other ISP in the Boston area comes close to delivering as great a Netflix experience as RCN. Netflix members who have RCN Internet enjoy more reliable video streaming than other ISPs in the Boston region, even during peak hours.” — Greg Peters, Chief Streaming and Partnerships Officer, Netflix