TiVo Whole Home Bundle

Awesome in Every Room!

With the TiVo Whole Home Bundle from RCN, simply connect all of your TiVo boxes to your home network and you can enjoy the convenience of multi-room viewing. Start watching a program in your living room, and finish it in your bedroom. Enjoy the TiVo Experience in every room of your house, and even on your laptop, tablet, or smart phone!

RCN’s Whole Home Bundle Solution

It starts with the powerful TiVo Premiere Q from RCN which offers four tuners and 650 hrs of SD programming storage. With TiVo boxes in other rooms of your home – the living room, den, and bedroom – the Whole Home Bundle is complete. Stream content in real time from one room to another and record programming for the whole household to enjoy.

World’s Most Advanced and Innovative DVR

With your TiVo box, you can take control of live shows with pause, rewind (3 speeds), fast-forward (3 speeds), Instant Replay, slow-motion and 30-second skip. Easily record entire seasons of your favorite show and search for shows based on actor, keyword or category. The TiVo Premiere Q even learns what shows you like and suggests other ones you might enjoy.

Record or Watch 4 Shows At Once

Discover endless entertainment possibilities with a device so smart, it can record up to 4 shows, so you’ll never miss a moment of your favorite sitcom or reality show. With TiVo Whole Home Bundle, Mom can watch the Food Network in the kitchen, while little Sally watches SpongeBob in her bedroom, and Dad cheers on his football team in the living room. Now That’s Awesome in Every Room!

Never Run Out of Recording Space Again!

Ever wanted to record something, but there wasn’t enough room left on your DVR?  With the TiVo Whole Home Bundle, you can record up to 650 hours of standard definition programming, or 75 hours of high definition shows.

Record what you want. When you want.

From where you want. Not at home? Stuck on the train? No worries! Just go to www.tivo.com on your computer or smartphone and take advantage of the Remote Scheduling feature to find shows and schedule recordings.

Take your shows with you.

With TiVo Desktop Plus, you can use your computer to easily transfer recorded TV shows and movies to your laptop, smartphone or other mobile device. TiVo Desktop Plus even lets you convert your recordings to watch them on your iPad or iPod!