What’s New

February 7th, 2014

RCN TiVo Winter Update

RCN launches a new and improved TiVo user interface. RCN has completed the roll-out of a new user interface for TiVo customers. The new update overhauls the guide functions as well as introduces new apps, better search features and much more. Your Experience is Now Truly “Dynamic” Before this update, your TiVo Mini occupied up more…

June 10th, 2013

New Launchpad for TiVo Now Available!

Want an easier way to find your favorite web videos or streaming video? With your RCN TiVo, YOU GOT IT!   Web Video Launchpad (a.k.a  Launchpad for TiVo) is an application powered by a company called Flingo. Flingo provides on-demand streaming of video content to your RCN TiVo.  By working with Flingo, TiVo can offer streaming options more…

February 21st, 2013

Introducing the TiVo Support on Channel 997

Have a question about how to setup a recording? Create a Wishlist? Turn on TiVo Suggestions? Simply turn to RCN channel 997 on your TV and access TiVo Help videos that will guide you through all of TiVo’s basic and advanced features.

February 5th, 2013

Your TiVo DVR Just Learned Some New Tricks

Awesome in a box just got better. Your TiVo experience now offers even more flexibility – you can set a season pass, record a single program and Play / Rewind / Fast-Forward / Delete a show – from any TiVo box in any room, anywhere in your house. With the newest upgrades, your TiVo Preview gives you the tools to search, explore, browse and discover like never before.