Top 10 Reasons to Love TiVo® from RCN


Take the TiVo Tour. It's TV, about a thousand times better.



Intelligent Search

1 Intelligent Search – Find what you are looking for, even if you don't know yourself.


Intelligent Search

2 With Wishlist – All your entertainment wishes are granted.


Intelligent Search

3 Love your Library – With plenty of room to store all your content.


Intelligent Search

4 Enjoy Fun in Every Room – With the ultimate multi-room viewing experience.


Intelligent Search

5 Nurture your Inner Fan – Whatever you are into, find & build your collection.


Intelligent Search

6 Feed the Frenzy – Of a fast paced life, with content on the go.


Intelligent Search

7 Never Miss a Beat – Record what you want, when you want.


Intelligent Search

8 Discover Greatness! TiVo keeps track of what you like & gives you personalized suggestions.


Intelligent Search

9 Beyond Watching – Enjoy gaming, streaming music, RCN On Demand programming & more.


Easy set-up and Use

10 Easy set-up and Use – With professional installation and warm, helpful 24/7 support from RCN.

At Home

Enjoy fun in every room of the house! Everyone gets to watch exactly what they like with RCN's Whole Home Bundle.

Find Out How


Become the master of your entertainment universe with the power and ease of the TiVo® experience – it’s the one system you need for TV shows, movies, music, videos, and even your photos...

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Get to know TiVo®

From initial setup, to home networking, to experiencing the full features of TiVo, this library provides videos and step-by-step articles to help you.

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