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  • The Theory Of Everything

    Premieres 2/17

  • Whiplash

    Premieres 2/24

  • Interstellar

    Premieres 3/31

  • The Imitation Game

    Premieres 3/31

  • Ride

    Premieres 5/1

  • Black Or White

    Premieres 5/5

  • I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story

    Premieres 5/5

  • Blackhat

    Premieres 5/5

  • Selma

    Premieres 5/5

  • What We Do In The Shadows

    Premieres 5/5

  • Lost River

    Premieres 5/5

  • Mr. Turner

    Premieres 5/5

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  • MacDonald vs. Maia En Español: UFC 170

    Premieres 5/1

  • Peralta vs. Payan En Español: UFC 168

    Premieres 5/1

  • Boxing: Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

    Premieres 5/2

  • Female Wrestling's Most Violent Brawls 15

    Premieres 5/2

  • Kevin Hart: I'm A Grown Little Man

    Premieres 5/2

  • Gilbert Gottfried: Dirty Jokes

    Premieres 5/2

  • ROH III: Styles vs. Cole

    Premieres 5/3

  • Women's Extreme Wrestling: Felony Assault

    Premieres 5/3

  • TNA Legends: Mickie James, Chyna, Hemme

    Premieres 5/3

  • Wrestling's Bloodiest Wars: 20 To Life

    Premieres 5/3

  • TNA 1 Night: X Division Xtravaganza 2015

    Premieres 5/6

  • WWE: Payback

    Premieres 5/17

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New York Hyper Campaign - $59.99 330Mbps Internet and Digital TV


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The truth about programming costs: RCN pays programmers (network or station owners) a fee per channel, per month, per customer. In recent years, broadcasters and network owners have become very aggressive, demanding increasingly larger payments for carriage of their “must see” network shows and their family of networks. Learn More »

Netflix: Netflix is now available on your TiVo. RCN offers faster Netflix connection speeds. Learn More »

More TV Apps: Tons of apps are available on your TiVo – Facebook, Twitter & more. Learn More »

YouTube HD Verified: RCN consistently delivers HD-quality video without buffering or interruptions. Learn More »

New York Phone, Internet and Cable Service

Welcome to RCN, New York's premier provider of High-speed Internet, Digital TV and Phone. From the technologies we offer to how we serve you we are dedicated to providing great services at a fantastic price. more


New York Phone, Internet and Cable Service

Welcome to RCN, New York's premier provider of High-speed Internet, Digital TV and Phone. From the technologies we offer to how we serve you we are dedicated to providing great services at a fantastic price. RCN is determined to be the very best Digital TV, Internet and phone option in New York with a variety of digital bundles and packages to fit your specific needs. Plus, only RCN gives you access to TiVo Premiere, the most advanced DVR on the planet with thousands of your favorite movies and shows from our ever-expanding On Demand library. With fast, consistent speeds, crystal clear HD signals, and unlimited calling plus 100% US-based call centers ready to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, there's never been a better time to be a part of RCN.

New York Internet Service - Get Information at Your Fingertips

New York Internet Service

Where do I get the greatest slice of New York style pizza? What are the hours and admission for The Guggenheim? How did the city get the moniker "The Big Apple"? Whether you are looking for answers to questions about New York City's fantastic arts scene, brushing up on history, or looking for the best eats and treats, you want a speedy and reliable connection to the World Wide Web. RCN's New York Internet service is exactly what you need. New York residents appreciate that RCN delivers a secure and powerful broadband Internet connection that is high-speed and high-tech. Even better Is the low cost and free 24/7 technical support. Wish you were able to attend shows to see new collections during New York Fashion Week but couldn't get to Bryant Park? Disappointed that you missed your favorite band's appearance at The Bowery Ballroom? Perhaps you forgot to record or DVR your favorite TV show. The next best thing is watching an uploaded video online. When you invest in RCN's New York Internet service, you will enjoy a smooth uninterrupted viewing experience that cannot be rivaled. No one wants an amazing music performance or funny sitcom pausing every 30 seconds as you are trying to watch. RCN's advanced fiber-rich network and speeds up to 110Mbps are the solution to all of those problems.

NYC Cable Service - Experience More in Home Entertainment

NYC Cable Service

There is a wealth of options to choose from when it comes to RCN New York cable service, thanks to our advanced fiber-rich network. Whether you want to tune into children's programming, watch your favorite action movie or watch the forecast to plan if this weekend will include a trip out to Governor's Island, RCN all digital cable has got you covered. Order Signature New York Cable Service and get 218 digital channels or get 307 digital channels with Premiere Digital Cable. Invest in a HDTV and HD converter box and you'll experience up to 80 HD channels with theater-quality picture clarity and sound. Even more HD channels are available to our viewers with the HD Expanded Pack.

With Pay Per View, RCN also offers customers another way to access the entertainment they want. Within moments you'll be able to watch boxing, wrestling, adult programming, concerts, comedy specials and more! It's as simple as clicking the PPV button on the remote and browsing the "Events" folder or logging into your Customer Center account online.

Often our TV sets can be a window to the world outside of The Big Apple. RCN broadcasts programming from more than 24 countries and 14 languages including French, Arabic, Vietnamese, Spanish, Russian, Filipino and more. We are dedicated to adding even more worldwide destinations to our Global Passport so that New Yorkers can travel the world from the comfort of home. Global Passport offers customers up to 80 international channels because RCN believes that with today's technology, the TV channels and shows you watch in one country should be available in any country.

Sports fans in New York can't get enough of their favorite teams and RCN knows our customers want to be able to keep current with whatever sport is in season. Viewers can follow the action year-round with RCN Playbook which brings you all your favorite cable sports packages. Can't make it to the New York Giants game in person? Check it out on NFL RedZone ®. Mets and Yankees baseball fans won't miss a minute of the action with MLB Extra Innings ®. RCN also offers FOX Soccer Plus, MLS Direct Kick ®, NBA League Pass ®, ESPN Full Court, ESPN Game Plan and NHL ® Center Ice ®.

Movie lovers in NYC and surrounding areas are sure to appreciate our huge selection of premium movie channels, including a vast selection of HD programming and Video On Demand content. From box office hits to award-winning original series and quality family entertainment, we've got something for everyone. Best of all, subscribers can purchase any of our movie channels individually, allowing a custom tailored viewing experience. HBO, Showtime, Starz and Cinemax each offer a dozen or more channels and endless entertainment. With Video On Demand, a whole other world of options becomes available. With just a few clicks of your remote, you'll be able to instantly access thousands of movies, kid's shows, live music performances, and some 3D Video On Demand movies too! Subscribers can customize their viewing experience even further with Video On Demand packages such as WWE Classics On Demand, The Jewish Channel, Bollywood Hits On Demand, and more. Once ordered, you can pause, rewind and fast-forward just like you would a DVD and you'll have unlimited access for 24 to 48 hours. RCN New York Cable service makes ordering newly-released movies, many in HD and available the same day as the DVD release, a total breeze.

People's lives are busy with work and family and there's always something fun going on in New York from markets to shop like The Brooklyn Flea to family fun at Coney Island. You might not have time to watch your favorite shows when they air and this is why we recommend our TiVo® Premiere service. So much more than DVR, it's a digital TV box, a movie box, a web box, and a music box. It supports HD and SD programming, allows you to record up to 45 hours of HD programs and gives viewers access to RCN ON DEMAND. RCN New York Cable service also enables you to record two shows at once while watching a previously recorded show, control live or recorded TV with pause, rewind (3 speeds), fast-forward (3 speeds), slow-motion and instant replay, and easily schedule recordings online or with your mobile phone. Please note that RCN New York High-Speed Internet service is required to take advantage of all that our TiVo® Premier service provides.

Reliable New York Home Phone Service

Whether calling within New York from Gramercy to Greenwich Village or from Harlem to Honolulu, Hawaii, customers want the same low-cost, reliable service. Choose between unlimited local calling in and around New York or unlimited nationwide calling. With the latter, your phone is free to travel with unlimited nationwide calling using our always-on network. Call anywhere in the United States (including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico), the U.S. Virgin Islands and Canada with no per-minute charges or calling restrictions. When you are subscribed to RCN's unlimited phone plans, you can make as many local or long-distance calls as you want and not sacrifice stellar service and crystal clear connections. Your New York home phone service package includes five free calling features and extra features can be added with little additional cost. There are over 18 calling features to choose from including three-way calling, call forwarding, voicemail, caller ID block and anonymous call rejection. Do your retired parents live in Peru? Is your sorority sister now living in Spain? Missing your fiancée who went to France on business? Sign up for your RCN New York home phone service with the confidence that we know your world is bigger than New York and cell phones can't call Namibia. This is why we offer International Calling allowing you to call 200+ countries with our low international rates. If you have loved ones in Latin America you may want to check out MiTeléfono, our budget-friendly international calling plan. If you'd prefer not to pay by the minute, get Global Saver with 250 or 500 monthly anytime minutes good for calling 68 countries.

Bundles and Deals

Who isn't looking to save money, time and energy? New Yorkers can save by signing up for one of RCN's bundles. We offer a wide range of options with packages. None of our bundles require a contract and we offer 3 year price assurance. Why would you pay one company for Cable TV, another for High-Speed Broadband Internet and another for home phone? With an RCN bundle, you get exactly what you need and keep more money in your pocket. Use the savings and take your loved one for a night out dining and dancing your way through the city that never sleeps!