Hosted Voice Webinar Series

We are pleased to invite our customers and employees to our new Hosted Voice Webinar Series. The goal is to educate and support customers at an interactive level. There will be a live shared desktop sessions multiple times each month to discuss different topics.

To join from your computer or mobile device, click this link or copy it into your browser:

To join the audio, Call 800-250-0328 or 6104438008 If prompted, enter the attendee audio pin number: Attendee Audio Pin Number: 475563 Please review the schedule below and join us at the scheduled time.

Upcoming Webinars

Hosted Voice: CommPortal
Date: 4/4/14
Time: 3:00pm US/Eastern
Meeting Number: 23433467

Hosted Voice: Admin Portal
Date: 4/16/14
Time: 3:00pm US/Eastern
Meeting Number: 23433847

Hosted Voice: Auto Attendant
Date: 5/14/14
Time: 3:00pm US/Eastern
Meeting Number: 23434183

Hosted Voice: Call Flow part 2
Date: 5/30/14
Time: 3:00pm US/Eastern
Meeting Number: 23869851

Past Webinars

Hosted Voice: Call Flow
Date: 3/19/14
Time: 3:00pm US/Eastern
Meeting Number: 22797507

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