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This is something I had never had before, and to be honest, most of the time RCN would be calling me if they saw a potential issue before it happened, not the other way around.


In order to keep up with the fast-paced marketing landscape of New York, Morpheus Media’s needed faster connectivity & communications or else their clients would choose another company.


  • Install data solution to handle high downloading and uploading of video, artwork and design files.
  • Solve slow speeds hindering client communications.
  • Replace older copper line reliance next generation technology solution.
  • Ensure back-up systems are 100% reliable.


  • RCN installed fiber network solution right to Morpheus Media’s facility.
  • Implementation took only 45 days.
  • Networks speeds of 100Mbps plus now service all Morpheus customers with room to grow.
  • Morpheus Media IT staff receives direct access to RCN engineers and support, a select service known as a MANAGER ROUTER.


  • A 30% increase and improvement in staff productivity
  • Morpheus Media IT staff is no longer concerned about bandwidth and service reliability – everyone focuses on running the business and keeping clients happy.
  • RCN support service is stellar and network concerns have disappeared.
  • Morpheus Media was able to increased Internet bandwidth and at a lower cost.

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