Hudson Studios

The first day back after Hurricane Sandy, RCN was the first one to get their service back on – everyone flocked to our studio just to hang around and access our WiFi signal.


Hudson Studios, a Manhattan studio space, needed reliable high speed Internet services and solid customer support for the business.


  • Provide 100% reliable WiFi access to high profile clients such as Target, Neiman Marcus and Victoria’s Secret.
  • Find a company that provides fast, friendly service with customer account representatives that are responsive.


  • A local RCN representative worked with Hudson Studio to find right fit business services solution.
  • Installation of fiber-optic network right to the building – delivering voice and data services.
  • Customer service which affords Hudson Studios direct, immediate access to a local service team.


  • Hudson Studios staff freed up to focus on business growth - not telecom services.
  • Proactive customer support delights the Hudson Studios staff, providing peace of mind on total service reliability.
  • Even under extreme storm conditions, like Hurricane Sandy, RCN delivered services enabling Hudson Studios to stand out against crowded competitive field.

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