Chicago Doctor's Office

A full technology evaluation by RCN experts revealed instances where the office was overpaying for services not used.


A Chicago based physician’s office needed to reduce time and money spend on managing underperforming data and voice services within their offices.


  • Eliminate time spent troubleshooting issues with Internet and phone services.
  • Partner with a technology provider that delivers outstanding customer service.
  • Enrich patient satisfaction through streamlined operations to free up to time spent with each patient.
  • Identify solutions to maximize budget.


  • A full technology evaluation revealed instances where the office was overpaying for services not used.
  • Faster Internet speed over a reliable, advanced fiber optic network was implemented.
  • A feature rich business phone system was installed, allowing patients to receive after-hours assistance.
  • Cable TV programming for patients in waiting rooms, became a value add for the office.


  • The physician’s office was able to more effectively treat patients through RCN’s innovative mix of affordable, reliable business telecommunications services, backed and supported by an experienced team.
  • Costs were saved over previous technology provider.
  • More satisfied patients enjoyed digital Cable TV programming during wait times.
  • Patients could feel more comfortable within an office that ran smoothly without technical hindrances.

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