Big Geyser

Since we now have the RCN backbone and Internet circuit to rely on, we can continue to better our technology and grow our business to take us to the next level.


Big Geyser was ready to grow – fast! Their operations teams were still accessing the Internet via older copper lines, which would frequently fail due to poor infrastructure and limited capacity. Big Geyser needed new network technology, faster connectivity, and outstanding customer service to ensure company growth.


  • Improve access to virtual servers located across the East River in Manhattan.
  • Speed overall communications through faster Internet speeds.
  • Increase network bandwidth replacing copper network.
  • Find a technology partner that delivers great technology solutions and great service.


  • A 100mbps+ pipe was installed within 3 weeks to the Geyser headquarters.
  • Fiber-based network infrastructure was run directly to Geyser locations for direct access.
  • Network installation was completed according to Geyser’s schedule and was a seamless launch.


  • Five months after RCN service was turned on internal processing runs more smoothly and capacity is now in place for expansion.
  • Orders are delivered on time, distribution transactions are up, and the work day is ending earlier for Geyser employees.
  • Geyser management is now freed from infrastructure worries and planning for growth is in full swing.

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