Voice T1 (PRI)

Technically speaking, T1 (PRI) is a symmetrical 1.544 Mbps downstream and 1.544 Mbps upstream Internet connection that can be used for business voice and data. But in simple terms, it’s a dedicated, always-on connection that can deliver 23 simultaneous voice calls. And it’s ideal for businesses that rely more on phone as a primary business tool. So, does this sound like your business?

Here are just a few advantages of a Voice T1 (PRI) from RCN Business Services:

Benefits and Features

  • Ensures customers, clients and suppliers can reach your business via 23 channels of communication.
  • Eliminates busy signals and “all circuits are busy” messages by providing an open, robust connection.
  • Maximizes transaction processing and customer-service efforts by managing a large number of inbound and outbound calls.
  • Raises productivity by giving your employees constant access to an open line.
  • Grows as your demands grow. We simply add T1 circuits as you need them.

Best of all...

It's delivered over our own powerful, fiber-rich network and we can build a T1 connection directly to your location! That means that an RCN Business Services is a great option for redundancy in the event of a failure for backup or disaster recovery.



A real estate firm with locations throughout the Chicagoland area needed to unify communications and office networks with a powerful, reliable high-speed data and voice solution.
"Monthly costs were reduced by 50% through installation of a fully configurable virtual call management system."
Find out how RCN Business Services eliminated the presence of multiple phone and Internet service providers at different branch offices.

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