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Hosted Voice

from RCN Business Services

Smarter Communications for your Business

  • Unlike legacy PBX systems, RCN Business Hosted Voice does not require expensive on-premise hardware, enabling lower capital investment. Because this IP service is provided over RCNs wholly owned fiber-rich network, businesses will experience business-grade reliability at a lower monthly expense.

  • The managed, end-to-end solution includes advanced calling features such as voice-mail-to-email, remote call management through the RCN Business Call Manager tool, auto attendant and voice messaging.

  • The platform enables a seamless connection between remote and mobile employees in multiple locations to connect into a single platform. Expensive IT costs are reduced as the system also allows an administrator to easily and quickly add or delete users and select services through the Call Manager tool.

Hosted Voice Features Guide      Hosted Voice User Guide Hosted Voice Administrator Guide


  • Reliable phone service with no equipment required and lower IT costs
  • Equipment monitoring tools
  • End-to-end network monitoring
  • Discounts available for voice, Internet, network services bundles
  • Purchase phone from RCN Business or utilize existing phones

Phone Management Portal

Allow your employees to personalize their RCN Hosted Voice service

Web Management
  • Configure calling features
  • Personalize phone buttons
Unified Messaging
  • Listen to voicemail
  • Review e-fax
  • Manage contacts
Call History Log
  • Review messages & direct calls
  • Click-to-call functionality

System Admin Console

Centralized admin tool to manage system setup, multiple locations & customized options.

Incoming Call Manager
  • Configure auto-attendant
  • Configure Hunt Groups
Manage Announcements
  • Upload music and messages
End-User Control
  • Add/Delete users
  • Assign features to users


Cloud-based, unified communications system allows for multiple location integration, customized plans, and free calls between locations.


Hosted Voice grows with your business. Easily add new employees to the system, one at a time.

Local RCN

High quality communications service, leveraging RCN's own fiber network & backed by local RCN support - the perfect solution.

How-To Videos

Call Manager controls how people get in touch with you by allowing you to specify who can reach you, the time of day, where or by which device.

    Call Manager

  • Overview

    Call Manager controls how people get in touch with you by allowing you to specify who can reach you, the time of day, where or by which device you may be reached.

  • Call Forwarding

    Set-up your preferences for call forwarding. You may enter a new phone number to forward to or set up forwarding destinations and apply calls to ring to a forwarding destination. You can set up call forwarding types - for example no answer, immediate or busy call forwarding for specific phone numbers or Contacts.

  • Screening

    Manage callers to reject by adding new phone numbers or select callers from your Contacts list. Additionally, you can set your Do Not Disturb setting and reject all calls.

  • Follow Me

    Create rules to dictate the sequence and rings of forwarded calls to any of your contact numbers.

Contacts Management

General Features

  • Dashboard View

    View important information at a glance including number of voicemails, call history, intiate an immediate call, or search for a Contact and call immediately. View your current phone status and change on the fly.

  • SIP Phone Provisioning

    Configure your specific desk phone through a graphic interface - assign open buttons for any number of useful features such as speed dials and extension monitoring.

  • Voice Fax

    View a listing of all voicemails and see a text preview of each message. If you have a unified mail box you can view faxes as PDFs in your browser and forward as email or fax message.


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