Business Trunks

RCN Business Trunks provides businesses a reliable and cost-effective voice solution to support multiple employees. RCN Business Trunks provides high capacity connectivity, regardless of the specific phone solution within a business. RCN supports legacy and IP PBXs with a multitude of interfaces such as analog, PRI and SIP. RCN Business Trunks includes standard features such as caller ID, caller name and number, and configurable fail over capabilities.


  • Businesses retain their existing phone equipment
  • Save on phone charges by paying for only needed voice lines


  • Standard line features include Caller ID, voice mail, caller name and number, along with fail over capabilities
  • Supports legacy and IP PBXs with multiple interfaces such as analog, PRI and SIP
  • 24/7 dedicated local support


A real estate firm with locations throughout the Chicagoland area needed to unify communications and office networks with a powerful, reliable high-speed data and voice solution.
"Monthly costs were reduced by 50% through installation of a fully configurable virtual call management system."
Find out how RCN Business Services eliminated the presence of multiple phone and Internet service providers at different branch offices.

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