Business Phone with Call Manager

RCN Business Phone with Call Manager includes business critical features such as unlimited local and long distance, and call hunting. Optional features include competitively priced international calling, eFax, auto attendant, and toll free service.

RCN Business Phone Basic, also available, is optimal for fax lines and alarm usage.

Call Manager is a powerful, easy-to-use Web-based application that gives RCN Business Phone users and administrators the ability to easily control their phone features via an Internet portal. This service is critical for improving productivity by helping owners and key personnel manage their business from any Internet-enabled device.

Users can log in via the Internet and control many phone options and features, including call forwarding, simultaneous ringing set up, voice mail greetings, voice menu and call log review. Administrators can access and manage employee features, including password resets, when needed.

Businesses switching to RCN Business Phone with Call Manager can utilize their existing equipment, maintain their phone numbers from their current phone provider and retain their directory listing, all at no additional charge.

RCN Business Phone with Call Manager meets NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) standards for fire alarm systems and all federally-mandated requirements with E-911 compliancy for emergency services.


  • Reliable, cost-effective business grade digital phone service
  • Delivered over RCN’s wholly owned fiber-rich network
  • Meets NFPA (fire alarm systems) standards and E-911 compliancy for emergency services


  • Supports businesses with up to 24 phone lines
  • Call Manager gives users and administrators online access to many phone features
  • Over 30 productivity-enhancing features, including unlimited local and long distance, Voice Mail (with Voice mail-to-Email function) included, auto attendant and hunting
  • 24/7 dedicated local support
  • RCN Business Phone Basic is available for fax and alarm lines, in addition to low usage office areas

Business Phone Basic

  • Unlimited local
  • Created for fax line, security line or for low usage locations
  • Caller ID (name and number)
  • Class of Service Restrictions
  • Hot and warm line (a direct and immediate phone linkup)
  • Hunting

RCN Business Voice Mail

Enables a business to receive, send, store, and retrieve voice messages. Multiple voice mail greetings can be established for internal and external calls and when away from the office.

Voice mail messages can be sent to an email destination and stutter dial tone can be enabled or disabled. Many of the options for voice mail messages, as well as resetting passwords, can be performed using Call Manager. Remote dial-up access enables users to access voice mail messages and change many options from anywhere.


  • Store and retrieve up to 20 digital messages for 30 days
  • Voice mail (with voice-mail-to-email function) included
  • Enable/Disable stutter dial tone
  • Manage all voice mail options through Call Manager


A real estate firm with locations throughout the Chicagoland area needed to unify communications and office networks with a powerful, reliable high-speed data and voice solution.
"Monthly costs were reduced by 50% through installation of a fully configurable virtual call management system."
Find out how RCN Business Services eliminated the presence of multiple phone and Internet service providers at different branch offices.

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