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It’s true, times have changed. But for clients, customers and vendors — phone is often still the preferred method of contact. So, ask yourself, do you really have the voice solutions that fit your business? Or are you taking chances with your livelihood? You can rest assured with RCN Business Services.

Business Phone with Call Manager

A reliable, cost-effective digital phone service to keep businesses connected with customers, suppliers and employees. Delivered over RCN’s wholly owned fiber-rich network, RCN Business Phone provides a business- grade telephone service with features necessary to effectively run day-to-day operations.
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Hosted Voice

RCN Business Hosted Voice provides businesses with a low cost and easily managed voice-over-IP-solution. Unlike legacy PBX systems, RCN Business Hosted Voice does not require expensive on-premise hardware, enabling lower capital investment. Because this IP service is provided over RCNs wholly owned fiber-rich network, businesses will experience business-grade reliability at a lower monthly expense. Learn More

Business Trunks

RCN Business Trunks provides businesses a reliable and cost-effective voice solution to support multiple employees. RCN Business Trunks provides high capacity connectivity, regardless of the specific phone solution within a business. Learn More



A real estate firm with locations throughout the Chicagoland area needed to unify communications and office networks with a powerful, reliable high-speed data and voice solution.
"Monthly costs were reduced by 50% through installation of a fully configurable virtual call management system."
Find out how RCN Business Services eliminated the presence of multiple phone and Internet service providers at different branch offices.

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