Standard Digital Cable TV

It could be a waiting area, conference room, employee break room, or a neighborhood bar — anywhere customers or employees congregate is the perfect spot for the old American mainstay, television.

But don’t settle for just any video solution. Get superb picture and sound – wind, rain or shine – with RCN Business Services. Our solutions are:

Outstanding in Any Weather - Unlike signals from satellite providers that come and go with the weather, our video services remain crystal clear and they’re delivered via our independent, self-managed fiber-rich network.

Designed for Any Clientele - We have hundreds of digital and HD channels. And for a more diverse clientele, we offer International channels, including Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Polish, Vietnamese, Portuguese, and Italian, just to name a few.

Scalable to Grow with You - Entertain customers on one TV or hundreds. We’ll work with you to make sure you get the solution that’s right for you — and we offer solutions with or without digital converter boxes!

Affordable to Boost Your Bottom Line - With programming combinations that make sense for your business, you’ll enjoy a great rate on all of your video services — from the basics, to fully loaded bundles with all the channels.

Scalable, Simple Solutions - As your employee or customer base changes, we can tailor our services to meet your changing needs. Plus, you can use your current equipment and keep your current phone numbers.

Exceptional Affordability - Because our services are perfectly tailored and easily adapt to your current challenges, you don’t pay for services you don’t need. Can you say that about your current phone provider?

Our wide array of video solutions include:

Basic Digital Cable TV - It has over 80 of your customers’ favorite channels, including ESPN, The Discovery Channel, CNN Headline News, Fox News Channel, all of your local channels and more.

DigitalVision Business™ - Go the extra mile in your customer and employee experiences. Add even more all-digital channels – including FOX Business News, The NFL Network, Fine Living and Bloomberg, just to name a few.

HD Programming - Put your customers right on the field with our amazingly life-like HD programming. It features up to 10 times the picture quality and breathtaking Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound.

Digital Music - Want to set an inviting atmosphere where customers wile away the hours? Get over 45 commercial-free, CD-quality digital music channels from virtually every genre — from Rock, to Bach, to Salsa and everything in between.

MiVisión - For clientele who prefer “hola” to “hello,” there’s MiVisión. It offers 30 additional Spanish-language channels, including ESPN Desportes.


theWit Hotel needed a technology partner who could provide a comprehensive network and video solution to solve disparate TV signals, the elimination of cable boxes, and 3rd party On-Demand Video integration.
"More impressive was RCN’s ability to feed multiple signal types based on the type of television in the room, making it easy for us to make future changes and upgrades."
RCN Business Services evolved the entire video network throughout the facility for easy changes and upgrades.

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