Pro:Idiom® Services

Your guests demand a superior in-room experience. In addition to a fast connection to the Internet and the comfort of a land-line phone, your guests expect a high-quality robust offering of Digital Cable television channels and HDTV service. You need to deploy Digital services, but your options are limited to installing, and being held liable, for an unsightly converter box in room, or to deploy a Satellite based solution with the real possibility of service degradation, given line-of-sight issues and rain-fade.

With a solution designed specifically for the Hospitality and Healthcare industries, RCN Business Services offers a terrestrial-based and secure Pro:Idiom® encrypted solution that eliminates the need for an in-room converter box and the risk of service interruption that is common with Satellite deployments. Simply, this means superior picture quality and sound delivered directly to your in-room HDTVs.

What is Pro:Idiom®?

  • Pro:Idiom technology is a "World-class" end-to-end Digital Rights Management (DRM) system designed specifically for the hotel and healthcare industries. Until now, no other platform permitted distribution of early release High-Definition content without the use of a converter box.
  • Allows for secure delivery of boxless Digital content and HDTV services to hotel guests and hospital patients.
  • Has been reviewed and approved by third party cryptology consultants as well as studios and satellite content providers.
  • Security devices are embedded in the TV and are not accessible by the guest to tamper with or remove.
  • Designed to use the AES encryption system with 128 bit keys - approved for financial transactions and protecting government data.


Robust Channel Offering - Over 130 channels of Digital programming, including a selection of Standard and High Definition channels, including Digital music, plus a limited Analog channel lineup.

Secure - Video feeds are delivered in Pro:Idiom®- encrypted format and meet the hospitality industry brand standard for encrypted content delivery.

Flexible - Tested and deployed with and without third party Video-On-Demand partner deployments and on a variety of Pro:Idiom®-enabled Televisions.

Scalable - Add or remove Televisions as you expand or remodel your facility.


  • Designed specifically to satisfy programmer and content provider’s needs for content protection.
  • Digital converter boxes are not required for deployment.
  • Protects against hacks and signal piracy.
  • Deployable over your facility’s existing unidirectional TV cable wiring.
  • Easy integration with industry leading Video-On-Demand (VOD) partners.
  • Analog simulcast content satisfies your need for non-Digital bathroom TVs and gym equipment with video display screens.

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