Bulk Services

RCN provides video, data and voice services to the most densely populated markets in the U.S. We built our own advanced fiber-optic network over a decade ago and continue to invest in network upgrades and expansion to ensure our customers receive the highest in quality, speed and clarity.

RCN Business Services provides bulk video and high-capacity data and voice services to the hospitality, healthcare and higher education industries in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley (PA), Chicago and Washington (DC).

We focus on providing the best communication and information services for your property, campus or facility, whether large or small. We offer flexible, customized solutions and a comprehensive array of services, including Internet connectivity, phone, in-room digital cable TV and more. We come to the table with a team of project managers, engineers, installers and support personnel with a single point of contact dedicated to supporting all of your pre and post installation needs.

Hospitality - Many top-tier hotels and resorts rely on RCN for their in-room entertainment and data communications needs. We work with you directly to provide Free-to-Guest Video and High-Definition (HDTV) programming with or without a third-party Video-On-Demand (VOD) partner, high-speed connectivity to the Internet and voice services.

Health Care - Reliable Data, Voice and Video are essential to any business, but for healthcare professionals these services are critical components to providing the best care. Whether you need a fast, dedicated, scalable primary or redundant connection to the Internet, patient-room or in-office phone service or in-room video, RCN delivers solutions that make sense, and are priced right.

Education - Competition is tough. Students and faculty have come to expect more than just fast Internet access – they need to stay connected, informed and entertained. We’ll provide a fast and reliable connection to the Internet, provide phone for administrative offices and dorm rooms, and deliver high-quality cable programming. We’ll even work with you to integrate your own proprietary programming or Emergency Messaging System (EMS).


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