Video Solutions

from RCN Business Services

From hospitals, to hotels, to sports bars, to break rooms — the video services you provide can affect your bottom line. Simply put, the more rewarding you make it for them; the more rewards you’ll get in return. Make their stay, and your bottom line, a happy one with video solutions from RCN Business Services.

Business TV

RCN Business TV provides a variety of programming options tailored for your specific business needs.
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Pro:Idiom® Services

Designed specifically for the hospitality and healthcare industries, our Pro:Idiom® Services offer all the great programming of RCN without the need, or the liability, of digital converter boxes.
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Bulk Services

Regardless of your business type, RCN can offer a host of options based on your vertical, size, type of televisions deployed, number of outlets required, customer base and more, Of course, volume service discounts apply.
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