Video Solutions

from RCN Business Services

From hospitals, to hotels, to sports bars, to break rooms — the video services you provide can affect your bottom line. Simply put, the more rewarding you make it for them; the more rewards you’ll get in return. Make their stay, and your bottom line, a happy one with video solutions from RCN Business Services.

Business TV

RCN Business TV provides a variety of programming options tailored for your specific business needs.
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Pro:Idiom® Services

Designed specifically for the hospitality and healthcare industries, our Pro:Idiom® Services offer all the great programming of RCN without the need, or the liability, of digital converter boxes.
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Bulk Services

Regardless of your business type, RCN can offer a host of options based on your vertical, size, type of televisions deployed, number of outlets required, customer base and more, Of course, volume service discounts apply.
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theWit Hotel needed a technology partner who could provide a comprehensive network and video solution to solve disparate TV signals, the elimination of cable boxes, and 3rd party On-Demand Video integration.
"More impressive was RCN’s ability to feed multiple signal types based on the type of television in the room, making it easy for us to make future changes and upgrades."
RCN Business Services evolved the entire video network throughout the facility for easy changes and upgrades.

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