RCN Business Strengthens Healthcare Team
with New VP

Joseph Torraca was hired as Vice President of Healthcare Sales Segment, with a focus on
building a redefined healthcare partnership for RCN Business.

New York, NY – Joseph Torraca has joined RCN Business as Vice President of Business Development. Torraca has extensive experience in helping healthcare institutions create an infrastructure that is capable of supporting mission-critical applications across a wide geographic area.  His approach is to partner with those institutions to bring new technology to the market to help achieve better outcomes and reduce hospital re-admissions.

“I am excited to continue my important work in helping healthcare facilities bring new ways of reaching and caring for their patients using broadband technologies,” Torraca said.  ”After years of working with healthcare groups, I realized there are three critical elements needed for success. A rock solid fiber optic-based network that hospitals and healthcare institutions could rely on for transporting vital healthcare information is essential.  If Main Street or Wall Street loses connectivity, people lose money; if hospitals lose connectivity, people can lose their lives.  Healthcare facilities need a company who understands the criticality of what they do as it relates to healthcare and internalize that in its designs and processes.  Second critical element is a company with a full product set from which to build the necessary infrastructure.  And third, a management team that was willing to commit resources to finding technological solutions to the challenges of healthcare without getting bogged down in a lot of red tape and indecision. RCN Business has these three critical elements and has redefined how to do business.  That is why I joined RCN Business.  I look forward to helping hospitals in the cities of New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia/Lehigh Valley, and Washington, DC,” Torraca concluded.

In his past position, which he held for 14 years, Joe and his team designed and installed some of the most sophisticated networks in a cost effective manner for over 100 hospitals in the New York suburban market.  In addition, Joe worked with his hospital partners to develop solutions to help with patient education, as well as solutions for staying in touch with the patient pre-admission, during the patient’s stay and post discharge.  Joe was largely responsible for the implementation of a Video On Demand Channel for the largest health system in his previous service area.

“We are thrilled to welcome Joe to the RCN Business team as he brings decades of healthcare knowledge to our organization,” remarked Bruce Abbott, General Manager, RCN New York.  “Joe understands the critical nature in which these facilities operate. Our clients need reliable, well designed, tightly run communications services, connected every second of every day – Joe’s experience in this field will be instrumental in delivering these standards to our valued healthcare clients.”

“Joe’s role as Vice President of Business Development will be to reach out to the hospitals and healthcare systems in each of our markets and develop ways to help them achieve their goals,” Abbott continued.  ”Using our technology and infrastructure, Joe will be able to find creative solutions for hospital challenges.  We at RCN Business look forward to continuing to be a trusted partner to these hospitals and expanding our role in their business.”

Joe can be reached at:
Joseph L. Torraca
Vice President of Business Development
Phone:  516 903-4031 ǀ Email:  joseph.torraca@rcn.net

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