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High Speed Internet in New York City

Compare Cable vs. DSL

Why choose cable high-speed Internet service over DSL? Three words: fiber-rich technology. As one of the first to use fiber-rich cable, we're able to deliver unsurpassed connection speeds.

High-optic-Speed Internet

WAY Faster Than DSL

With download speeds up to 110 Mbps, cable high-speed Internet offers WAY faster connections than DSL. And unlike DSL, your Internet speed is not dependent on how far your home is from a central hub. You can download music, upload photos and stream videos quickly and easily.

High-Speed Internet

Sweet Customer Satisfaction

With cable Internet service, you get added reliability, fewer service disruptions and quicker installation. And with DSL, you might have to "log in" for service. With cable, you're always connected so you never miss an important email or online auction. All that, and free 24/7 technical support.

High-Speed Internet

Fiber-Rich = Savings For You

Fiber-rich cables cost us quite a bit to install because they're so fragile and difficult to splice, but you don't see a penny of that cost. Why? Because we're dedicated to delivering the highest level of service at the lowest price. That, and we just really like fiber-rich cables...

The Magic of Fiber

Fiber-rich cable consists of bundles of glass threads that transmit data over light waves.

  • Because fiber-rich cables have a greater bandwidth than metal wires, they can carry more data.

  • Fiber-rich cables are less susceptible than metal wires to interference.

  • Data can be transmitted over greater distances and with greater reliability than metal wires.

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High-speed modem required for RCN High-Speed Internet service. If a data outlet is needed, an additional outlet fee may apply in addition to applicable installation fees. Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed.