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Introducing RCN Backup!

RCN Backup
Securely back up all your files, then access and share!
Let RCN make life a little easier for you.
With RCNBackup you can recover, access and share any personal files. RCNBackup automatically saves your data, and can be installed on up to 3 computers.
All for only
$ 4 99 /month
See it for yourself.
Set up RCNBackup service today
for only $4.99/month*
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Getting Started with RCNBackup

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*An ongoing subscription to RCN Digital TV, Internet or Phone service is required to sign up for RCNBackup service.
  • Unlimited: backup all of your
    files (photos, videos, music
    & documents).
  • Simple: quick and easy to install.
  • Easy: backups are automatic.
  • Safe: restore files when accidentally deleted or lost.**
  • Custom: easy to choose
    which files to share privately with friends and family.
  • Secure: send a secure link
    to share files.

**This is a backup service and not a storage service; any lost, damaged or accidentally deleted files from your RCNBackup registered personal devices must be restored or recovered within the specified number of days that you have designated in your user account configuration (15-45 calendar days); otherwise files may not be recoverable. Other restrictions and terms apply. See terms and conditions of RCN end user license(s) or applicable third party end user license(s) available upon software installation for further details.

Account must be kept in good standing. RCNBackup ID key will expire and all files will be terminated 30 days after disconnection or if your account becomes 30 days past due.