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TiVo Upgrades

Your TiVo® box just learned some new tricks! Introduce extra magic into your entertainment!

New & Improved -
Awesome in a box

Awesome in a box just got better. Your TiVo whole home bundle now offers more flexibility – you can set a season pass, begin a recording, delete a show and more from any TiVo box in any room, anywhere in your house. It’s a TiVo whole-home solution redefined.

Different room... same experience

Get the same TV viewing experience no matter what room you're in. With the newest upgrades, your TiVo Preview gives you the tools to search, explore, browse and discover like never before.

Apps + Games

Explore 4 new games!

From TiVo Central, select Showcases & Apps

Select the app you want to launch via the arrow keys and then press [SELECT]

When you're done, press [CLEAR] to go back to the Showcases & Apps menu...

Enjoy the app on your TV screen!

From TiVo Central, choose find TV - Movies - RCN VOD

New Apps + Games
Rock Swap
In this version of the popular Rock Swap you have to swap gems to form horizontal or vertical rows of three or more of the same kind. Arcade level game classic for all ages.
Quizz Masters
Q&A games with the questions span categories such as history, science and entertainment. Answer correctly to gain points.
Find and destroy all enemy mines. Radar indicates number of mines nearby. Mark mines for our sweepers to clean up and to post best times on completion of the game.
The goal of the classic card game of Black Jack is to beat the dealer by coming closest to 21. For each round you can also bet virtual money and try to increase your purse.

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