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Greek Channels

Here are the selections currently available in your area. Check back often - we plan on adding even more channels to our Global Passport.

Digital Cable

Best Value

$25.95 /mo. Antenna Satellite & MEGA Cosmos

Get the benefits of Antenna Satellite and MEGA Cosmos. The Greek Pack includes entertainment shows, news bulletins, top-rated comedies, sports and dramas.

Digital Cable

$14.95 /mo Antenna Satellite

Language: Greek
Broadcasts the best Greek-language programming 24/7 including news bulletins, top-rated comedies and dramas, competition shows, exclusive live soccer games and more.

Digital Cable

$11.95 /mo. MEGA Cosmos

Language: Greek
MEGA Channel, also known as Mega TV, is a major television network in Greece. It was the first private television station in Greece, launched on air on November 20, 1989. MEGA’s programming consists mainly of Greek programs such as comedies, dramas, news, current affairs and entertainment shows. In recent years, Mega Channel has overtaken its main rival ANT1 as the most popular channel in Greece.

New Greek TV

$14.95 /mo. New Greek TV

Language: Greek
New Greek TV is developing a bridge between Greece and Greek Americans by showcasing all that Greece has to offer, featuring current events and news from Greece, the United States and our community.


$4.95 /mo. Alpha

Language: Greek
Alpha features a mix of Greek and foreign shows with an emphasis on entertainment programs. It includes daily newscast in Greek, featuring International news, as well as local Greek news.


$4.95 /mo. 4E TV

Language: Greek
4E TV features a wide array of programming about the Orthodox faith as well as live Church services. In addition, 4E also provides wholesome, informative and entertaining family programming. Programs are organized by category:

  • Theologikes – programs about the Orthodox faith
  • Latreia – programs focusing on various church services, including live coverage of the Divine Liturgy service on Sundays
  • Politismos – programs about Greek culture
  • Enhmerosi – informational programs
  • Psigagogia – family entertainment
  • Ekpaideusi – educational series
  • Oikogenia – programs about family life, raising a family with the Orthodox faith
  • Paidi – children’s programs


$4.95 /mo. RIK Sat

Language: Greek
CyBC/RIK Sat is a non-profit organization that utilizes its entire income for the promotion of its main mission, which is the objective provision of information, culture and entertainment for the people of Cyprus.


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