Can I get service at my home?
Check to see if RCN is available to you.

Policies & Disclaimers in Lehigh Valley

MA Deposits Assessed

Deposit for service will be refunded to customer under one of two conditions:

1) Upon disconnection of service
2) After 365 days of satisfactory customer status defined as the customer account not becoming delinquent or having a returned payment for that period.

Returned deposit amounts (either from full disconnection or meeting the 365 day criteria) will be applied to the customer account to first satisfy any outstanding monies owed to RCN, including any early termination fees assessed, and will be assessed against monies owed to RCN until this amount is exhausted. Any credit remaining after all RCN debts have been satisfied will be refunded to the customer. Interest will be paid on the cable portion of the deposit at a rate of 7% annually based on date deposit was placed on the account.