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Check to see if RCN is available to you.


Stormwatch Information

Storm Watch

Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed.

RCN is helping our customers during inclement weather. Your safety and the safety of our team members are important to RCN. Please follow any travel and weather advisories. Visit this page for updates.

Helpful Tips

Before the Storm

Be prepared and have an emergency plan in place. If you don’t have a plan and need help making one, visit

Keep your RCN account information and our contact phone numbers handy. See Contact Us for more information.

Stay informed by listening to radio and TV bulletins and by reading our website updates.

Report any low-hanging cable lines before a storm.

After the Storm

Stay inside your home until your Emergency Center advises otherwise. Always remember to stay away from fallen wires.

Keep debris clear of cable pedestal.

We will keep you informed of restoration progress via Our Website, Facebook and Twitter as electricity is restored and updates are available.

Helpful Resources

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