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International Calling

No matter where your loved ones are, stay close with great International calling plans from RCN. Call over 200 countries with crystal-clear reception and services designed to keep the Boston area connected to the people that matter most. Read More...

Global Saver

Global Saver Calling Plan


Global Saver 250 minutes


Global Saver 500 minutes

It's like having a built-in calling card. Get monthly minutes to call landline telephones in 68 countries – with no hidden charges. You're free to choose how many minutes you want and where you want to call.



MiTeléfono International Calling

Estar En Contacto Con Sus Familiares

You'll get lower rates to 23 Latin American countries, including Spain and Puerto Rico, for as little as 4¢ per minute. It's our really, really long-distance plan and it makes keeping in touch with loved ones easy and affordable.

View the low MiTeléfono calling rates

Per-Minute CallingPer-Minute International Calling

Countries from A to Z (Antarctica to Zaire)

Get rates to over 200 countries throughout Europe, Asia, South America and Africa, including those tiny islands you see on a world map and big islands... like Australia. You can even call Antarctica if you really want to.

View our standard international calling rates

International Calling Accounts Are Better Than Calling Cards.

  • A calling card can get lost – or worse, stolen.

  • You don't have to search to find the calling card you need. Just pick up the phone and dial.

  • The only number you need is the country code – no lengthy account numbers.


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Not all services are available in all areas. Calls to international countries will be rated on a per-minute basis. RCN does not provide Caller ID equipment. Additional charges apply to new or moved phone jacks and may apply to additional cable jacks as well as custom or non-standard installation work. Other restrictions may apply.

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