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High-Speed Internet Scope of Support

High Speed Scope of Support


RCN Customer Service representatives will answer any questions regarding pricing, billing, features, services, products and/or promotions relating to dialup and cable modem accounts. This may include information regarding adding e-mail boxes and any and all information pertaining to what you receive with your account and what those features do.

By default, your cable modem or dial-up service comes with the following services:

Fast speeds (300k+ for cable modem and up to 56k for dial-up)
10 Megabytes of disk space on our UNIX servers (These servers do no support Front Page extensions or ASP. If you wish to use Front Page extensions or other Microsoft web development tools, you will have to purchase web space on RCN’s Microsoft NT web hosting environment. Please contact RCN’s Sales team for further details)
4 e-mail boxes

Questions regarding pricing and features of higher end or commercial services including, but not necessarily limited to, web hosting, dedicated lines, co-location and/or domain registrations will be directed to our Sales team. You can reach them directly at 1.888.726.7000.


RCN Customer Service will aid you, or give you relevant information, regarding the use of the individual services offered with an account. For example, you will be assisted in username changes or mail forwarding should you require that help. In addition, you may be guided in how to make use of RCN utilities such as changing your password or checking web page disk space usage. You may also obtain information on where to upload your web site or how to access RCN’s news server.


For a list of the software and hardware that RCN supports, please
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RCN takes responsibility for hardware that has been supplied by us to you on a rental basis, such as a cable modem. Should a problem arise with these items, RCN will either fix the problem or offer a replacement at our sole discretion. RCN will also warranty any network interface cards supplied by us (RCN supplied NIC’s are available in selected markets only) for a term of 30 days. After the warranty has expired, you will be charged for the cost of replacing any defective NIC or will be responsible for replacing it through a third party.

RCN's staff will not help to install any hardware supplied by a third party with the exception of describing how a modem will be fit into a slot inside the computer, a PCMCIA slot, or hooked up via a serial cable to a serial port.

Additionally, RCN cannot help you should you be having problems with your computer in general, such as frequent crashes, slowness, hardware conflicts, or failure to boot up. Such issues should be directed to your computer’s manufacturer for guidance.


It is expected that customers will be helped to ensure optimal connections to the Internet. This includes helping to resolve basic modem problems by trying different initialization strings, verifying that you are using the correct Communications Port, verifying configuration settings, and/or checking physical connections.

Customer Service will also aid in helping to clear up any other non-modem related connectivity issues unless the problem stems from hardware or software a customer has installed in order to network their home computer(s). This may include authentication problems, unexpected disconnected sessions, unreasonably slow connections, or DNS issues. Customer Service will make sure that they have used all available tools to ensure a reasonable connection to the Internet for all customers. For cable modem service, should all efforts to resolve the problem fail, the RCN representative may schedule an appointment with a field technician to visit your home if they feel that a visit is necessary to resolve the issue.


RCN’s dial-up and high speed Internet service is intended to be used for residential consumers. Servers are not supported on RCN’s network. By default, RCN’s Internet service comes with one dynamic IP address. While additional IP addresses are available in some markets for an added monthly charge for cable modem subscribers, RCN will not aid a customer in setting up a network, firewall, or any hardware or software which allows for connecting a server or multiple computers to RCN’s network. RCN technicians are responsible for connecting to the Internet one, and only one, PC in the customer’s home.


Service offerings are contingent upon RCN verification that the specific address covered by the service request is an RCN serviceable location. Prices do not include taxes, franchise fees or other surcharges. Services and pricing are subject to change. All photos used within are intellectual properties of their respective owners. Services are subject to terms and conditions of RCN’s subscriber agreements, on-line policies, and other applicable terms and conditions. Other restrictions may apply.